Saints' Alvin Kamara hints there 'might be something going on' with next contract

John Hendrix

On Tuesday, Alvin Kamara appeared on RapSheet + Friends on Westwood One with NFL Network's Ian Rapoport to promote Old Spice. Kamara offered up several gems, which included one talking abou how he was injured midway through the season, not being 100 percent and not being able to play how he knew he could play, However, he battled through it, stating how he wanted to be there and be available. Kamara added that it was the last two to three games where he felt like himself and was healthy.

Kamara said, "I don't think anything really changed. When it's kind of slow, you just got to stay patient. You can't get frustrated, and there's times when I was frustrated, but more with the injury than anything. You just got to stay true, and I think a lot of people start chasing ghosts when stuff slows down, it's like you start trying to fix things that aren't broken. That's my biggest thing, I was like, let me not try to credit this slow offensive production on my part to something that is totally unrelated."

He went on to credit that belief to help him stay focused and stay even, and is what ultimately helped him get back hot at the end of the season. Kamara was also asked about seeing his old teammate Mark Ingram at the Pro Bowl, to which he said that they talked all season.

Naturally, the question came up regarding on the future of Drew Brees, which made Kamara joke about having some influence on him returning.

"I feel like with that decision, you just kind of give guys space. Like, that's how I feel. I don't want to be like, 'Hey, Drew', make sure you come back or keep texting him and things like that. He's done monumental things in the league, like more than a lot of people can dream of. Just my three years with him, I've learned a lot, a tremendous amount about the game and just about life. Would love to have him back for sure, but you know, everybody has their day, everybody has their reasons, so I know he's going to take his time, consult with his family and make the best decision for him."

Kamara also praised Brees' work ethic, when asked, talking about how easy his Sunday is compared to Monday to Saturday. Kamara said he's never seen someone work so hard.

The time will be coming soon for the Saints to make major decisions on their stellar 2017 draft class, which has had a huge hand in completely turning the franchise around after three straight 7-9 seasons from 2014-2016. What Kamara said about an upcoming contract leaves us all to wonder what will ultimately happen.

"We'll see what gets done. I'm obviously in my third year of my rookie contract, so we'll see. Might be something going on."

Listen to the whole interview starting at the 13:15 mark.