Saints-Cardinals Kickoff Moved in Preparation of Hurricane Ida

A potential major storm threatening the Gulf Coast causes New Orleans to reschedule their original kickoff time against Arizona for Saturday's preseason finale.

The New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals preseason game for Saturday, August 28 has moved its scheduled starting time to 12 PM, CT.

The game’s original kickoff time was scheduled for 7 PM CT.

The game’s start time was moved in preparation for Hurricane Ida, which could hit the Gulf Coast as early as Saturday evening or early Sunday. Ida is a rapidly strengthening storm moving north towards the United States coast.

Currently a tropical storm in the Caribbean Sea, Ida is growing stronger rapidly. The warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico are expected to intensify the storm.

Ida is forecast to potentially be a Category 3 hurricane by the time it reaches landfall. The National Weather Service classifies anything Category 3 or above as a major hurricane.

The Saints have moved their kickoff back to noon in the Caesars Superdome on Saturday to allow both teams and the public time to take the necessary safety precautions against the pending storm.

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