The Workout: Saints Players' Offseason Fitness Regimen

Kyle T. Mosley

The Workout

The New Orleans Saints players have been keeping in shape and working out amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Saints facilities are in lockdown mode until players return for training camp in July, some of the teams' players have maintained a workout regimen and posted on social media. I thought it would be interesting to take a glimpse at the intense workouts of Saints' RB Alvin Kamara, S Malcolm Jenkins, QB Jameis Winston, RB/WR Ty Montgomery, and S Marcus Williams.

Alvin Kamara - RB

Alvin Kamara decided to workout in Florida with Dr. Sharif Tabbah DPT, CSCS of the Athletix Rehab & Recovery in the Miami, FL area.  Kamara along with former Saints RB Mark Ingram are regulars at Athletix.  Kamara's intense workouts have become legendary for Saints fans.  Last season, Kamara had a leg injury and prevented him from replicating his great 2018 season where is scored 18 touchdowns, 81 receptions, and 1592 yards from scrimmage.  

Anti-rotation step-ups with my guy working on that dynamic core strength.

Malcolm Jenkins - S

New Orleans signed S Malcolm Jenkins in free agency for his veteran presence and ability to understand "how to win" in the NFL. Jenkins will partner with FS Marcus Williams. He also will be a mentor to the young and talented Saints defensive backs. Malcolm had a humorous way of working out by using weighted props and his daughters to climb the steps of his house. Being the vocal activist and philanthropist, Jenkins will be great to have in the New Orleans Saints locker room.

Jameis Winston - QB

Otis Leverette is Jameis Winston's trainer at ModernDay Fitness in Birmingham, AL.  Jameis and Leverette posted videos of his creative workouts.  One includes using a rod as a bat to simulate a quarterback's torso movement.  Leverette tweeted the theory behind this regimen:

Marcus Williams - S

Saints FS Marcus Williams has been training at QUESTSPEED Speed & Performance Institute in Corona, CA.   Marcus appears strong, healthy, and ready to face the Saints competitors in 2020.   Williams' performance in 2019 was 40 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 4 interceptions,  1 touchdown, 13 passes defended. 

Ty Montgomery - RB

The Saints newly signed free-agent RB/WR Ty Montgomery has been busy "grinding" as well this offseason.  Montgomery will be competing for a roster spot on the team after one season with the New York Jets.  His competition will be RB Dwayne Washington and UDFA rookie RB Tony Jones, Jr. for slot behind Alvin Kamara and Latavius Murray.  In the videos, Montgomery displays his advantage, versatility.  Ty Montgomery's running and receiving abilities are skills Sean Payton will be able to exploit against defenses.

COVID-19 may have caused a shut-down of OTA's, Mini-Camp's, and offseason training at the facilities. Still, these Saints players demonstrate how professional athletes can use creativity to maintain an edge ahead of July's training camp.

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Kyle T. Mosley
Kyle T. Mosley


Kamara's workouts are insanely great!!!