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Jody Allen: The Most Important Person in Crucial Seahawks Offseason

The Seahawks are at a crossroads. And while the average fan may never think about her, Jody Allen will make the biggest impact this offseason.

It goes without saying, but the 2021 Seahawks have been an absolute disaster. Their offense is amongst the worst in the league and Russell Wilson isn't playing well. The defense has been better recently but still isn't what anybody would consider a great unit. The team is 3-7 and will need to run the table for any chance to make the playoffs, and calls for a true rebuild are getting louder. Those voices aren't going anywhere either, especially if Wilson repeats his 2020 offseason performance, throwing his teammates and organization under the bus while handing Adam Schefter a list of four teams he would want to play for.

Those aren't normal things and while many members of the Seahawks media wanted to or flat-out refused to engage in what was very clearly an issue, even they can't deny the noise if it happens again. But without a first-round pick and a bad quarterback class coming forward, what are the Seahawks to do if Wilson shoots his way out of town? Ultimately, that call cannot come from Wilson, Pete Carroll or even John Schneider without the blessing of owner Jody Allen.

Allen, the sister of the late Paul Allen, has been relatively quiet since taking over the reins. She barely makes any public appearances, doesn't speak to the media much and appears to be happy just staying out of the limelight. And, for the record, there is nothing wrong with those choices. In many ways, they echo the lead her brother set forth many years ago. But what we do not know about Allen is how involved she is on the football side of things, and this is where Paul Allen shined. He was curious enough to be informed but trusted his football people to make football decisions (for the most part).

But the simple truth remains that we do not know if his sister shares that curiosity. And it is this enigma that makes Jody Allen the most important person in the building this spring—not Wilson, Carroll or Schneider. Ultimately, it is Allen who will need to greenlight a Wilson trade or a Carroll firing, not Schneider. Is she willing to pull that trigger? We don't really know and that could be a terrifying proposition.

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Something needs to change in Seattle. The team is quickly falling apart. Its star player has stagnated and is disgruntled. The coaching staff is outdated and the front office is missing on a lot more moves than it used to. The status quo just isn't going to cut it in 2022, unless Ms. Allen allows it to be. Changes need to happen this off-season. But before they can happen, we need to hear from the most important person of the offseason.