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Winners and Losers From Steelers Training Camp

The Pittsburgh Steelers came out of training camp looking a lot different.

PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers finished off their four-week training camp at Saint Vincent College, heading to Jacksonville for their second preseason game before returning to UPMC Rooney Sports Complex to prepare for one last exhibition. 

Over the last month, the Steelers gave us plenty. From undrafted stars in Jaylen Warren to a very real quarterback competition - even if it was between the backup - there was a lot. More than expected. 

Heading back from Latrobe, Pennsylvania, there were some clear-cut winners and losers. Here's who walked out on top. 


Jaylen Warren

Warren was the obvious, and possibly biggest winner from training camp. This undrafted rookie out of Oklahoma State came in as a major underdog and might have come out as the No. 2 on the depth chart.

It seems like a real possibility Warren has earned a spot on the 53-man roster, and might have bumped out a veteran for the spot. 

Whether it was running through people on the field, cutting back for 80-yard touchdowns or making tackles on special teams, Warren impressed. 

He finished camp walking around with a football filled with water, and if running back coach Eddie Faulkner saw him without it, he was fined. Why? Because the Steelers see something big in him and want to push him to meet that expectation. 

There's two more games for Warren to earn his place. If he continues to play as he has, he's come out the biggest winner of the offseason. 

Gunner Olszewski

Olszewski came to Pittsburgh as a punt returner and left as the favorite target of Kenny Pickett. The two have a chemistry on the field that seems unstoppable, even when a cornerback is dragging Olszewski to the ground before the catch. 

With nine career receptions coming into the season, it's a major question why he never got a shot on offense. In Pittsburgh, he's set to be the primary backup until Calvin Austin returns from a foot injury. 

This could be a steal for the Steelers if he proves to be an in-season star at receiver and as a return specialist. 

George Pickens

Pickens was the camp star for the Steelers. The second-round rookie is everything he's been hyped up to be and some. Chances are it's Mitch Trubisky walking in as the starter for the regular season, and with the weapons he has around him, this offense should shine. 

How 32 teams passed up on No. 14 makes no sense. He has the speed to outrun any defender, the body control to make plays guys his size cannot and the drive where he feels like he always has to be working. 

Pickens is a star in the making. The Steelers got a steal with their 52nd pick.

Kenny Pickett

Pickett came in as the third-string quarterback in Pittsburgh and left Saint Vincent College as the backup. The rookie has built confidence and chemistry with his teammates. Everyone from head coach Mike Tomlin to running back Najee Harris has seen the growth in the rookie while at Latrobe. 

Pickett will play as the No. 2 against the Jaguars in the second preseason game and has seemingly passed Mason Rudolph on the depth chart. 

There's a slim chance he earns the starting job walking into Week 1 of the regular season, but the confidence he develops into the starter for the Steelers is all there. 

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Benny Snell Jr.

Snell battled a knee injury that gave Warren an opportunity he made the most of. It was a tough break for the veteran, but Tomlin constantly says that injuries give younger guys significant opportunities. Warren is one of those guys. 

The emergence of Warren and Anthony McFarland might have pushed Snell to the back of the line when thinking about the 53-man roster. It's not a guarantee he's cut, but if feels much more like a possibility than it did coming into the summer. 

Mason Rudolph

Rudolph said himself that he wasn't pleased with the rep share in the quarterback competition. Tomlin later said the team knows what they're getting from Rudolph which is why Pickett will play more than him in the second preseason game. 

If the Steelers aren't looking for more out of Rudolph, it seems they've already made their decision on him. He's taken a back seat to Pickett in reps and with the second team. Leaving camp, the belief he is traded before the regular season is stronger than it's ever been.

Kevin Dotson

Dotson's ankles let him down again, possibly ending any run he had at the starting job at left guard. Kendrick Green has taken over as the starter in Dotson's absence and Tomlin seems to feel comfortable moving forward with Green as the one. 

Green hasn't won the job but Dotson is now fighting from behind while still dealing with injuries to his ankle. A difficult path to fight through for the third-year veteran.

Devin Bush

Bush's on-field play hasn't been bad, but his attitude caught fire within Steelers Nation. After saying he'll still be in the NFL next season whether he gets a new deal from the Steelers or not didn't sit well amongst fans. Rightfully so. 

Bush may have lost the fanbase, which isn't sitting well with the thought that he'll stick around after the season. Meanwhile, he hasn't won the job over Robert Spillane and it feels like many are hoping the team makes a move to get rid of him at this point. 

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