DeAndre Hopkins "shed a tear" knowing his time had come to an end with Deshaun Watson

Patrick D. Starr

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins held an Instagram live session after being in lockdown in California with fans over the weekend. Hopkins talked to fans on his Instagram account, answering questions. 

Hopkins was traded to the Cardinals before the start of the league year by the Houston Texans for running back David Johnson. The trade shook the NFL landscape and left many wondering why one of the top wide receivers in the game would be traded. 

Hopkins made it known his favorite receiver of all-time was Andre Johnson, and another question asked if he was going to miss playing with quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Hopkins answered, "I had to shed a team when they told me I wasn't going to play with my boy no more. It's love now."

Together in 38 games, Watson and Hopkins averaged 87.8 yards a game, 8.7 yards per attempt, 68.5% completion percentage, 25 passing touchdowns, and 182 1st downs. 

"Deshaun is great, he is great," Hopkins continued. "Any wide receiver would miss playing with Deshaun Watson." 

See the Hopkins Discussion of Deshaun Watson and Andre Johnson Video Here

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