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Texans QB Davis Mills Following Pep Hamilton's Advice After Early Inconsistencies

Mills opened up about the advice Hamilton offered him to overcome his early season struggles.

It is safe to say that it has been an up-and-down season for Houston Texans' second-year quarterback Davis Mills. 

Mills, who the Texans took in the 2021 draft, showed flashes at times in his rookie season of being a potential quarterback that Houston could build around. However, there were still those who felt he was nothing more than a bridge quarterback to the future at the position.

Now, through three games, Mills has shown those same flashes but has also struggled at times. Despite his early struggles, though, offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton still believes in Mills and offered him advice to overcome said struggles. 

"I think as an offense, now we’re running it, they don’t put a ton on the quarterback, so I don’t need to go out there and confuse myself and try to see too much,” Mills said. "I need to see what I need to see. That’s pretty much it. Pep always says, ‘see a little, see a lot. If you see a lot, you don’t see anything at all.'”

Through three games Mills has thrown for 662 yards and three touchdowns as well as two interceptions. Those two interceptions came in the Texans' Week 3 loss to the Chicago Bears, one of which was thrown in the late fourth quarter and helped the Bears set up a game-winning field goal.

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There is no telling if Mills is indeed the future at quarterback for the Texans, but the potential is undoubtedly there. However, if he can't clean up his mistakes and correct course after his early season struggles, he might not be in the plans for the Texans moving forward.

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