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Sean Payton Interview Request by Texans: Hand Coach Houston's Complete Control?

Sean Payton, the former New Orleans Saints head coach may be intrigued by the possibilities the Houston Texans have to offer. Right? Maybe? What if he had complete control?

Welcome back to the NFL, Houston Texans. You are almost a real, live, viable professional franchise again.

No, you're not a real, live, viable professional team again. But on Wednesday, with one phone call, with one document, you've finally seen the light.

And now Texans fans have a chance to see it, too ... All because you put in an interview request for Sean Payton.

Payton is the "prom king'' of this Coaching Carousel, by far the most proven commodity among the "new'' potential head coaches. We don't really need to rattle off his resume, but ... In 16 seasons with the Saints as head coach, Payton helped guide the team to seven division titles, three NFC Championship Games (2006, 2009, and 2018) and a victory in Super Bowl XLIV. 

Following the 2021 NFL season, Payton announced his retirement from the NFL, finishing his tenure in New Orleans with an overall record of 161–97.

No, we don't think David Culley was every going to do that.

The Texans limped to a 3-13-1 record in coach Lovie Smith’s first-and-only season at the helm, following Culley's first-and-only season, following Romeo Crennel's interim-and-only-season.

Owner Cal McNair is overseeing a club with a three-year mark of 11-38-1. ... a club reeking of a lack of professionalism.

No more trying to hire guys who are "from here'' or who are "church buddies'' or who are "nice'' to the McNairs. No more thinking that a guy who just got fired at the University of Illinois should be hired here.

Oh, and no more requirement of a "Patriots 2.0'' connection, either. 

In fact, what if Payton actually says "yes'' to this idea of being interviewed - and maybe he should, with Houston's roster having some nice core pieces, plus $48 million in cap space, plus the continuing draft-pick fallout of the Deshaun Watson trade - but suggests that he be in charge of the whole operation?

A Belichickian concept. A Popovichian concept.

Then Cal, you figure out what to do with GM Nick Caserio, as long as "what he does'' isn't "get in Payton's way.''

Pay off the Saints, as is required. Tell Nick he can be the "GM'' who works under Payton. Let Payton, an offensive guru, shop for his own groceries, starting with the use of the No. 2 overall pick on a QB, Alabama’s Bryce Young or Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud ... 

And, with some luck - because Payton is a football coach, not a god - watch the positive pieces rapidly fall into place. Watch free agents want to come here. Watch fans in football-mad Texas start to care again. Watch the painful four-wins-per-year fade into dust.

You called on Sean Payton, Houston Texans. Now make damn sure you're willing to continue racing toward being a real, live, viable professional franchise again by preparing, just in case, to give him what he asks for.

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