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'Great Place to Play!' Texans QB Case Keenum Praises Team Potential

Case Keenum has seen seven NFL franchises throughout his veteran career, but after the Texans' signing of coach DeMeco Ryans and staff, the quarterback likes what he is seeing so far in Houston.

Since his hiring back in January, Houston Texans coach DeMeco Ryans has brought a positive feeling to his new team. 

Within weeks of being named the head coach, Ryans was joined by new staff additions on offense and defense, he added some big names through free agency, and most recently, a slew of talent via the NFL Draft. 

Fans and analysts have expressed their excitement regarding the new-look Texans ahead of next season, while players have spoken to the high level of energy that Ryans brings to the locker room as well.

And that has extended much further than just the starters, with backup quarterback Case Keenum lauding Ryans and the Texans potential this week.

"It's a great place to play football," Keenum said. "The fans here are truly incredible. You can feel the excitement [around] DeMeco Ryans ... You can feel that little pulse coming back. ... I'm excited to be a part of that."

Keenum has been in the league since 2013 when he was first signed by Houston after going undrafted. He spent his rookie season on the Texans' practice squad but had his NFL debut for them in his second season after an injury sidelined then-starter Matt Schaub. 

Since then, the quarterback has been with six other franchises, playing the most games between 2016 and 2019, when he was the starter for the Rams, Vikings, Broncos, and Commanders, respectively. 

Keenum has tallied close to 15,000 passing yards and 78 touchdowns throughout his career, which now likely sees him as a second or third string for the Texans behind C.J. Stroud or Davis Mills.

Stroud's status as Houston's starter is still in the air, but regardless of who gets the start, Keenum is prepared to provide leadership for the Texans' young stars and will be ready to help the Texans get back to winning. 

"It's an incredible time to come into the Houston Texans organization," quarterback Keenum said. "Our leadership is committed to moving forward and getting better. Truly there are no holds barred here with the staff."

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