Should Texans Listen To Andy Reid About 'Wondrous' Coach Bieniemy?

Eric Bieniemy, Andy Reid says, is "somebody that I would love my son to have played for.'' Are the Texans listening?
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It seems like a recommendation worthy of the Houston Texans' attention.

“Everybody knows what I think of Eric (Bieniemy), and what kind of head coach I think he’d be, ” said Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid said. “Maybe the best thing I could tell you is I hope he goes to the NFC when he has that opportunity. 

"Whoever gets him is a very lucky organization.”

Couldn't the Texans use a bit of luck?

Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy has made the interview rounds in the NFL but has not been hired to fill any of the league’s recent head coaching vacancies. Maybe that's "lucky'' for Houston as well.

Bieniemy also has a strong recommendation from his MVP QB Patrick Mahomes, who has passed his thoughts to Houston QB Deshaun Watson, who has Bieniemy high on his locker-room-driven wish list.

There is nothing wrong with "headhunter firms'' and "search committees'' or even "Patriots South'' (as look as that latter one is a determination made by new GM Nick Easterby and not a "non-football'' exec.) 

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But once Mahomes and Reid are talking ... somebody inside NRG Stadium ought to be taking notes.

Reid invoked words like "leadership'' and "boost'' and "maximize'' when talking about Bieniemy's work with the Chiefs, the defending Super Bowl champs who this weekend are once again in the AFC Championship Game.

Bieniemy, Reid said, is "one of the few people I’ve come across that has the leadership skills that he has – the ability to lead men in this crazy game that we’re in — and for those guys, through his leadership, to play at a Pro Bowl level.

"He does wonders with athletes. And he’s able to maximize their abilities on the field, and he gives them that extra boost to be a productive person off the field.''

On the field. And off the field. That's the "culture'' to which the Texans (and many NFL teams) pay lip service. But Reid isn't just flapping his gums here - not when he brings up Bieniemy and Reid's own family.,

Eric Bieniemy, he said, is "somebody that I would love my son to have played for.''

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