Will He Do Jack? Easterby's New Texans Role Defined

Jack Easterby isn't going anywhere and the new general manager is excited to work with him
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HOUSTON - The Houston Texans introduced new general manager Nick Caserio on Friday. 

Caserio made it clear his long-term friend Jack Easterby will remain with the organization. 

"My relationship with Jack is a special relationship," Caserio said. "We've known each other a long time and I have a lot of faith and trust in him and I'm excited to work with him."

Caserio said any personnel decisions would be made as a group with Caserio having the final say on the moves. That was a line echoing previous general manager Bill O'Brien's approach to personnel. 

Football decisions will be made "in conjunction" with the yet-to-be-named head coach. 

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Chairman and CEO Cal McNair made it clear Jack Easterby had a place, but he wouldn't be doing things he has been in charge of in the past. 

"Jack is very gifted in a lot of different areas and those areas will be things Nick (Caserio) will need as he moves into his role as GM," said McNair. 

"It won't be roster. It won't be free agency."

Easterby was previously in control of football personnel with his interim general manager title and was a part of the decision-making process with Bill O'Brien which led to countless questionable moves by the organization. 

With Easterby out of the football part of the organization, it sounds a lot like his previous role with the New England Patriots where he was a character coach. 

Caserio touted some of Easterby's skillset which he viewed as important tools Easterby had that could help the Texans going forward. 

"Jack's unique skill is the ability to invest in people, grow people, and serve and I think that servant mindset has served a lot of people well. I know it's helped me on a lot of levels but those are the types of things relative to Jack and what he can bring to the table."

Acknowledging the past and moving on was one of the key themes from Caserio, especially when he was asked about the culture of the organization he has just joined. 

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The culture is intimately associated with Jack Easterby. Easterby dominated the line of media questioning, not the upset quarterback or vacant head coaching position. It is clear with ownership and the general manager speaking favorably about Easterby he is a part of the organization going forward.

Jack Easterby won't be "running'' the Houston Texans.'' But the Houston Texans will not be run without him.