With contract discussions ongoing, Texans Deshaun Watson is working on having the offense ready for 2020

Patrick D. Starr

The Houston Texans have not hidden behind the fact they are working to sign quarterback Deshaun Watson to a contract extension to make him the face of the franchise. 

The Texans are working slowly to build a deal to make Watson one of the highest if not the highest-paid player in the NFL. With those discussions continuing, Watson knows those contract discussions are ongoing heading towards the regular season. 

Watson told Mark Berman from Houston Fox26 that he is focused on football and not his contract extension with the Texans even though he knows they are ongoing. 

"That's definitely something that is not under the rug," Watson said of his potential contract to Berman. "My main focus is just being the best teammate, best leader, best quarterback I can be, and whenever that time comes with my agent and the organization, the time is going to be right."

Watson added, "They're going to make sure they handle it well."

In 38 games over his first three NFL seasons, Watson threw for 9,716 yards, 71 touchdowns, and 29 interceptions. He has also rushed for 14 touchdowns. Watson tore his ACL his rookie season ending his promising start to his career early. 

In those 38 games with Watson as the quarterback, the Texans are 24-13 in the regular-season starts of Watson with two playoff appearances the past seasons. 

With the virtual meetings taking place for the Texans, Watson is ready to get on the field with his newest teammates and let them help him take his game to the next level. 

Watson is working to be the leader of the Texans offense and making sure he has the group in order heading into the season. 

"For me right now," Watson started. "The focus is on being the best teammate, getting the new guys on the same page with me as the quarterback of this offense, and making sure I'm staying healthy and ready to go whenever they call me, call us in to play."

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