Is Bieniemy Only Path to Happiness for Texans Fans?

Is Eric Bieniemy the only way for the fanbase to be happy? And how do you even approach a Deshaun Watson trade?
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HOUSTON - The Houston Texans still continue to deliberate among their decision-makers about who will be the next head coach of the team. 

While they wait, we have a podcast for you to bide the time until we are all over the hiring of the new coach here on Texans Daily. 

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Our own Cody Stoots is joined by Houston radio hosts Landry Locker and Mike Meltser cover the final days of the search before hiring a head coach, why Jim Caldwell is involved with the Texans, and just how hard it is to discuss the potential of trading Deshaun Watson. 

As the hiring approaches, it seems there is maybe only one way to make the fans of the Texans happy. 

Meltser: "We are at a point after championship Sunday in the NFL where the way I look at it there are like one-and-a-half, or one and three-quarters candidates, that would make the fanbase happy right now. The only candidates that would make the Texans' fanbase happy are Eric Bieniemy and I think people could talk themselves into Matt Ebeflus ... If they hire Jim Caldwell or Leslie Frazier, the fanbase is going to be in an absolute uproar."

Per our panel: While the coach is important, making sure Watson is happy and remains a Texan is the main priority. All the hosts agreed the team should keep Watson. If the Texans entertain a trade, talking to the New York Jets makes the most sense.

Locker: "I think No. 2 [overall pick in the NFL Draft] becomes even more appealing if they're NOT in love with either of those guys after Trevor Lawrence, because you're sitting on a goldmine. Somebody's going to fall in love with either Fields or Wilson, somebody's going to fall in love with those guys and then you're sitting in a spot where someone trades up and you get even more picks than you already have."

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