Houston Mayor 'Prays' Texans Don't Trade 'Treasure' Watson

Everyone has a thought on Deshaun Watson's future and now the Mayor of Houston has weighed in
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HOUSTON - The Houston Texans have a political cheerleader in their quest to satisfy their franchise quarterback and keep him in Houston. 

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner tweeted Sunday he hopes to continue to govern the city where Watson plays football. He began with a statement about the city's support of their football team. 

"Houston loves Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans. Houston is a great City that is hungry to back our players and team. As Mayor of a City that is second to none I pray we move forward together. st"

He would later turn to his experience with Watson as an upstanding citizen.

"I value Deshaun Watson as a player but I respect him even more as a person. I know he loves this City because I have seen how much he has given of himself and his treasure to people in this City. I am humbled to be his Mayor. I hope that won’t change anytime soon. st"

Turner signed the tweets with "st" meaning it was tweeted directly from him, not a member of his staff. Turner has been the mayor of Houston since 2016. 

Turner told Fox 26 he wanted to show Watson the city supports him. He said if he spoke to Watson directly he would say the city loves him and values him as an athlete and a person. 

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Turner said he didn't know exactly what was behind Watson's unhappiness but he wanted to say Houston is behind their quarterback. 

Watson is unhappy with the process that led to the hiring of general manager Nick Caserio. He was told by owner Cal McNair he would be involved in the process and McNair - who has since apologized, maybe too late - went back on his word in not involving Watson in Caserio's hiring. 

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