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A.J. Brown Says Post-Trade Vitriol Caused Camp Cancellation

The former Tennessee Titans wide receiver said he feared public interaction in Nashville because he has "everything to lose" if things go badly.

Concern for his health and well-being – mental and physical – is the reason behind A.J. Brown’s decision not to conduct a football camp in Nashville, which had been scheduled for next month.

The former Tennessee Titans wide receiver made his case to that effect via Twitter on Friday afternoon and wrote, among other things, “I am a man first and will always do what is right for me and my family.” He also cited as a significant factor the public’s reaction on social media where he said he has been called “every bad word.”

“I would love to make every children’s [sic] day but not if I’m putting my own at risk,” he wrote. “Please don’t say nothing is going to happen because nobody knows that. I’m sure someone will still have a problem with this and that’s fine as well.”

The Titans traded their 2019 second-round draft pick, who was their leading receiver each of the last three years and a 2020 Pro Bowler to the Philadelphia Eagles during the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Franchise officials said they made the deal with input from Brown and his representatives after it became clear that negotiations on a contract extension would not be successful.

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A short time later, Brown declared that he was in search of someone to take his place as the namesake and featured personality for the camp, which was set for June 18 at Montgomery Bell Academy in Nashville.

“People can disrespect me on social media and that’s fine but being disrespectful to my face is a whole (other) thing, and I’m not tolerating it on any level,” Brown wrote. “So forgive me for not putting myself in a place where my peace could be threatened because if something happens and I react I’m the one who has everything to lose.”

Late last season, Brown went public with the fact that he has dealt with mental health issues during his NFL career and even contemplated suicide during his Pro Bowl season. He stressed that those issues were a thing of the past.