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NASHVILLE – A.J. Brown may be gone.

But the wide receiver won’t soon be forgotten by Tennessee Titans fans – not by the many who were disappointed when Tennessee traded him to Philadelphia, nor by some angered by his social-media posts.

Brown stirred the pot again this week with a Twitter post about his previously scheduled football camp, which had been set to take place at Nashville’s Montgomery Bell Academy on June 18.

It was understandable that Brown pulled out of the camp following the trade, as it probably would have proven awkward at best for him to make a public return to Nashville so soon after the deal.

That’s why the camp sponsors – ProCamps and G3 Marketing – notified camp registrants quickly thereafter, adding that “we are in the process of securing a replacement player for the camp. Our team is working quickly to ensure this happens in a timely manner.”

Fair enough.

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But then Brown felt it necessary to tweet this message – which has since been deleted: “Before you all get in your feelings, my team is trying to get your very own Derrick to run the camp. I didn’t cancel the camp, I just got someone that you all want to see. Take care.”

It seemed like the social-media version of unnecessary roughness.

Brown hadn’t bought much favor with Titans fans from posts earlier in the offseason, when he repeatedly appeared to signal impatience and frustration that a new deal hadn’t been reached. In the hours after he was traded to Philadelphia for first- and third-round picks, Brown also posted a tweet that read -- in part -- “THIS WAS NOT MY FAULT.”

Some might not agree. After information came to light that Brown had both asked for a trade and cut off communications with the team weeks before the deal.

So what’s the status of the June 18 Nashville camp now?

There’s not one listed on ProCamps’ website, and Montgomery Bell Academy athletic director Mark Tipps said he’s received no update – as to whether the camp will go on, or which Titans player might be running it.

“Haven't heard a word,” Tipps said in an e-mail. “Still waiting to see if it will go forward.”

Meanwhile, Brown still plans to hold a football camp this summer, but it will take place in a much more welcoming environment, his hometown of Starkville, Miss., on June 11.