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Report: Brazil investigating corruption at Olympic venues

Brazilian investigators are looking into corruption involving all the venues.
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Brazilian investigators are looking into possible corruption involving all the venues and services financed with federal funds to put on the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this August, according to Reuters.

"It's not just the physical works we're looking at - it is contracts for services, security, everything that used federal funds," federal prosecutor Leandro Mitidieri said.

The investigation will also delve into federal funds that were meant to clean Guanabara Bay, where Olympic sailing events will be held, as well as lakes surrounding the Olympic venues by the Barra neighborhood. Rio de Janeiro's state water utility company Cedae is investigated for their handling of sewage in the metropolitan area.

Federal authorities have examined the upgrades to Rio's dilapidated port area as well as the expansion of the metro line in Barra.

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Details and findings of the investigation may come to light in the coming weeks, according to Mitidieri.

Five construction firms are building the majority of the venues, which are expected to cost about $10.8 billion. Some of that money is from federal funding.

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Odebrecht SA, is one of the major firms involved and has been linked to the Petrobas scandal, which has evolved into a major criminal investigation surrounding the state-owned oil company as well as many Brazilian politicians and businessmen.