Kenyan president to Olympic team: 'Show world we are clean'

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NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta urged his country's Olympic athletes to ''show the world that we are clean and can win clean'' as he gave them a send-off for the Rio Games.

Kenyatta made a number of references to doping in his address to the athletes on Friday, with Kenya's distance-running reputation undermined by a series of drug scandals in recent years.

Referring to the athletes, Kenyatta said ''these people don't need drugs or to be doped to win.''

Sports Minister Hassan Wario said around 400 doping tests had been conducted on Kenya's Olympic athletes. Kenya will send more than 100 athletes to Rio.

Wario said ''we are ready to be tested, we are open, we have nothing to hide.''