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Kyle Busch annoyed by being mistaken for older brother Kurt

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) Kyle Busch said Monday he has not gotten involved in his older brother's personal issues and is disappointed he has been mistaken for Kurt in coverage of assault allegations against the 2004 NASCAR champion.

Kurt Busch spent four days over the last two months in a Delaware courtroom as part of a hearing regarding an ex-girlfriend's request for a no-contact order. Patricia Driscoll alleged Busch assaulted her in September during an argument at Dover International Speedway.

''Haven't spoken to him, don't know nothing, trying to stay away from it all and let him handle his business,'' Kyle Busch said.

But he's been dragged into it as the case drew national attention earlier this month when Kurt Busch testified he believes Driscoll is a trained assassin. In several instances, Kyle has been wrongly identified as the NASCAR driver involved.

''I think it's stupid. I think people need to do a little bit more background before they write names or say names if they don't know what the heck they are talking about,'' he said. ''It's not that hard to differentiate between two people that have the same last name. I think people need to do a better job and not be so slackish.''

Busch said the mistaken identity has not been an issue with longtime sponsor M&M's, but he wasn't sure if that would change if he is continually linked to his brother's legal issues. A court ruling on Driscoll's request for a no-contact order is expected any day, and the Delaware Attorney General's office has not decided if Kurt Busch will be charged with assault.

''It hasn't been bothersome from a sponsorship standpoint, yet, that I know of,'' Kyle Busch said. ''I know it could be if it continues to keep going, but it's the wrong brother. But I think the relationship I have with the Mars family is far beyond that, hopefully.''