Adam "Pacman" Jones to speak at NFL rookie symposium

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Adam "Pacman" Jones will speak to incoming NFL rookies at this year's rookie symposium, an annual event held by the NFL (Kevin C. Cox, Getty Images)

Adam "Pacman" Jones

The NFL rookie symposium is held before the NFL season to help acclimatize the league's incoming professionals to life as a public figure. Advice is dispensed, tips are discussed, and plenty of warnings are issued. This year, attendees will be treated to words from someone who failed to heed those warnings.

Adam "Pacman" Jones, the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback once suspended by the league for a whole season, will speak at this year's edition of the event, according to a story in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

"I want to tell them what I went through and hopefully not make the same mistakes that I made. Please don't do what I did," Jones said. "Keep a group of people with you. There are a lot of guys that come from the same background that I do who run into a whole bunch of money. They don't respect the money. If they don't, they will be in the same situation I was."

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