Browns rookie Trent Richardson says he has big shoes to fill

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Browns running back Trent Richardson says he has big shoes to fill after being criticized by Hall of Famer Jim Brown. (Jason Miller/Getty Images)


Cleveland Browns rookie running back Trent Richardson hasn't played a single down in the NFL, but that isn't stopping people from saying what they think about him.

Hall of Fame back Jim Brown has been the most vocal about Richardson saying the Browns shouldn't have selected him with the third overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Brown also called Richardson, "ordinary".

"I've got big shoes to fill. I don't dislike Jim Brown for his comments on me. He's just pushing me to the limit," Richardson said. "He's going to make sure I'm going to work and make sure he can get everything he can out of me as far as me being in Cleveland."

Cleveland players know they have an uphill climb to get back to respectability this season regardless of what Brown or anyone else thinks.

"Trent's got thick skin," rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden said Friday. "It doesn't matter what anyone says to Trent -- I mean, he's got thick skin. Which you have to have to play at this level, especially at the positions we play. Obviously, Jim Brown is one of the best, probably the best running back to ever play here, and he's got a right to say that, but Trent doesn’t worry about it."