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Ndamukong Suh called out by Bears' Brandon Marshall over 'wrestling' hit on Jay Cutler

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh got called out by Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall for his hit on Jay Cutler on Monday night, according to tweets Marshall sent to Suh following the game.

The comments came after the Bears' win over the Lions on Monday night.  At one point in the game,  Suh sacked Cutler in a way that Marshall referred to as "wrestling." Bears head coach Lovie Smith said he didn't have a problem with the play, calling the match-up a "tough, hard-nosed game." Cutler didn't take issue with Suh's hit either, but Marshall went so far as to say that Suh can't be in the conversation for best defensive tackle ever if he doesn't play the game the right way, according to ESPNChicago.

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"Last night the leg whip that Ndamukong Suh placed on our quarterback Jay Cutler, that was dirty. That was dirty," Marshall said. "He can be one of the best D-tackles that ever done it, but he cannot do that that way. If you look at it, c'mon man, this is not wrestling. You don't do that. That's not clean."

Suh said in response to Marshall's comments that he cannot control his momentum sometimes:

"Simply a football play," Suh said. "I can't control my momentum, especially at that high speed. I'm chasing him. He's running away from me. My whole goal is just to get the quarterback down and make a play and get us off the field or move on to the next play."

No penalty was called on the play and Suh, despite his seemingly notorious reputation, does not face a fine or suspension from the NFL.