By Erin Weaver
January 14, 2013

One day after tweeting some merciless critiques of the Patriots, Ayanbadejo has apologized on Twitter for his comments. On Sunday night, the Ravens linebacker ripped the Pats for Spygate and a "gimmick" offense.

Ayanbadejo's tweets sparked some controversy, although the Patriots made it pretty clear they weren't concerned with what Ayanbadejo had to say on Twitter. Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib said the linebacker's tweets didn't interest him.

“I can’t speak for everybody but me personally I’m not on the social network, Facebook, none of that,” Talib said, via USA Today. “So that’s in one ear and out the other.”

The Ravens and Patriots face off Sunday for the AFC Championship game. Ayanbadejo is largely considered levelheaded and intelligent, making his comments relatively surprising. It's likely that Ayanbadejo's overnight apology was the result of pressure from someone within the Ravens leadership.


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