By Brian Kotloff
January 16, 2013

Despite hopes in Los Angeles that the Chargers would relocate, the team will remain in San Diego in 2013, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The franchise, which has been searching for a new home venue, has an out clause in its Qualcomm Stadium lease that allows it to negotiate with other cities after each season without the threat of lawsuits in San Diego.

The Chargers have informed San Diego Mayor Bob Filner that they will not exercise that right to leave the city this year, the report states.

The development is not a guarantee that there will be no NFL in L.A. next season, although there has been no recent movement on that front, nor is it a guarantee that the Chargers will never relocate. They have to make the same decision whether to stay next season, and each year after unless there’s a change in their lease terms.

What it does mean is the Chargers will not be playing in L.A. in the fall. If a team were to relocate to L.A., it would play in the Rose Bowl or Coliseum while a stadium was constructed downtown, in City of Industry, or potentially elsehwere (if a third candidate arises).

At the moment, L.A. is a back-burner issue for the league, and likely will continue to be at least until there’s some resolution to the AEG sale.

Filner is expected to announce the decision during his "State of the City" address on Tuesday night.

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