By Marc Weinreich
January 22, 2013

The kicking motion that Tom Brady made on what would be one of the final plays of the season for the New England Patriots is going to be reviewed by the NFL for possible disciplinary action, according to league spokesman Greg Aiello on Tuesday. The news was reported via Ed Werder on Twitter with additional information in another ESPN report.

The play in question came during the final minute of the first half. Brady was sliding to the ground during a run to avoid a hit from Baltimore's defense and in a quick motion raised his leg into the air, making contact with Ravens safety Ed Reed, who subsequently walked away without injury. The Ravens ended up winning the AFC Championship game in rather convincing fashion, 28-13.

Ravens safety Bernard Pollard said Brady "knew what he was doing" and said he's fine with whatever the NFL ultimately decides but alluded to the idea that the league should fine him if it wants to stay consistent with its principles.

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