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Ravens' Terrell Suggs: Every team hates the Patriots

Ravens defensive end Terrell Suggs says every team in the league hates the Patriots. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Terrell Suggs was forced to surrender "several firearms" as part of a domestic abuse case. (Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

According to Baltimore Ravens defensive end Terrell Suggs, the hatred for their bitter rivals the New England Patriots extends beyond his locker room.

Suggs says the other teams in the league feel the same way he does. Suggs, who led his team to a Super Bowl title this season, says he doesn't apologize for telling the Patriots to"have fun in the Pro Bowl."

"The NFL is not very big," Suggs said on WEEI, via "You think we don't talk to guys that have played for the New England Patriots, that have been on the New England Patriots that have been like, 'Oh, it's been like this. It ain't just me. Why did Bart Scott say the same thing? You think it's just us? You think it's just got something to do with us? No. This is because we have inside information. We know."

Suggs says the league took extra steps to protect Patriots quarterback Tom Brady after he suffered a season-ending knee injury in 2008.

"There was the whole invention of the Brady rule," he said. "Years before, I hit Drew Brees and I accidentally tore his knee up. No rule was made. Of all the quarterbacks in the NFL who got their knees blown out when they got hit -- Carson Palmer got his knee blown out -- but then one guy got hit and changed the whole rule for the NFL?"