By Erin Weaver
April 08, 2013

Matt Barkley announced on his Twitter that he is heading to Cleveland and Buffalo for team visits. It would seem natural for a well-known draft pick to visit teams with top 10 draft picks, but Barkley has likely slid past that range.

What's more, one NFL GM told ESPN's Adam Schefter that he predicts the QB draft prospects "are going to fall like logs." The Cardinals, Raiders and Bills, all previously lacking the in the quarterback department, have recently made moves to rectify that. The Jets and Jaguars could possibly draft quarterbacks, unless the teams instead choose to stay confident in their starters.

The Cardinals worked out Barkley, but their coach admitted he's not in consideration for their first pick. Arizona's second pick is 38th overall, a possibility for Barkley that hasn't been ruled out yet.

The Bills are more determined to draft a quarterback for the future, making Barkley's Buffalo visit more reasonable.

An AFC executive recently compared Barkley to Chad Pennington, who went 18th overall in 2000. From the Yahoo! Sports report:

"[Matt Barkley] has all the intangibles you could imagine," the executive said. "You couldn't ask for a better kid or a harder worker. But he just doesn't have the arm on the deep stuff. ... That's what people said about Pennington (in 2000)."

Generally, quarterback draft picks go higher than expected, but the 2013 quarterback draft prospects have been widely acknowledged as a lowly regarded draft class.

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