Eagles QB Michael Vick on critics: They’re ignorant, don’t know football

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Eagles quarterback Michael Vick calls his critics "ignorant" and says they don't know anything about football. (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick wants coach Chip Kelly to name a starting quarterback before training camp. (Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has seemingly had enough of his critics saying that he is not good at reading NFL defenses.

Vick unloaded against those critics this week in a Philadelphia radio interview calling those critics "ignorant" along with a few other choice words.

"I'm really tempted right now to just say 'no comment' to that because, like I said a second ago, you don't last 12 years in the NFL not being able to read the defense," Vick said on 97.5 The Fanatic this week. "Those people who are talking and saying that are just ignorant, and they know nothing about football. Unless they turn on the film and watch my game and see what goes on, then they’ll replace those comments with the right comments."

Vick also knows he could be right on the bench if he does not curb his turnover issues. Vick has fumbled 32 times in his last 35 games, losing 12 of those. He threw 10 interceptions last season and was sacked 28 times.

“Chip (Kelly) told me how to run with the football the other day,” Vick said. “He taught me how to run with the football and how to carry the football, and I think it’s something that you just have to work on.”