By Brian Kotloff
August 04, 2013

(Brad Mangin/Getty Images) Rangers pitcher Matt Garza criticized the A's Eric Sogard for bunting during Oakland's 4-2 win over Garza on Saturday. (Brad Mangin/Getty Images)

After a 4-2 loss on Saturday in which the Oakland Athletics bunted four times to exploit his weakness as a fielder, Texas Rangers pitcher Matt Garza unleashed a tirade on his private Twitter account directed at A's second baseman Eric Sogard, who laid down two of those successful bunts.

Garza yelled at Sogard after his second bunt of the game -- claiming afterward that he asked him "if there were any good places to eat in Oakland" -- leading Sogard's wife to post on her Twitter account, "Get em on get em over get em in!"

In Twitter messages to Sogard and his wife after the game, Garza criticized Sogard for "having your wife speak for you," writing twice that baseball is a "man's game." posted a screen shot of the tweets:

garza tweets

Garza, who threatened Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto earlier this season, issued an apology on Sunday, saying that he let his passion carry over off the field.


“All I want to say is I let my competitive spirit cross outside the lines, and that shouldn’t happen. I let my passion, my fire carry over, and that’s not how this game should be played. And for that I apologize to the Sogards for anything that was said through my Twitter. That’s all I have. I regret what happened, and I’m just looking forward to a great game today.”

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