By Scooby Axson
May 07, 2014

 (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney) Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers was fifth in the NFL with a 105.5 passer rating. (AP Photo/Joe Mahoney)

The San Diego Chargers, with a 9-7 record, were one of three AFC West teams to make the playoffs last season. The team, which has seven picks in the 2014 NFL draft, will rely on Dwight Freeney and Melvin Ingram for their pass rush, but a run-stuffing nose tackle would greatly improve the line. Keenan Allen had 71 catches for 1,046 yards as a rookie, but another receiver could help take pressure off of him in his second year.

Needs: Cornerback, nose tackle, wide receiver, right guard

Here is the list of the Chargers' picks in this year’s draft:

Last Updated: May 9, 12 p.m.

Round 1, Pick 25 (25): Jason Verrett

Round 2, Pick 25 (57)

Round 3, Pick 25 (89)

Round 4, Pick 25 (125)

Round 5, Pick 25 (165)

Round 6, Pick 25 (201)

Round 7, Pick 25 (240)

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