Alexis Sanchez Sticks the Boot Into Arsenal on Twitter Ahead of Man City Move

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In an absolutely wonderful deadline day twist, Alexis Sanchez has turned to Twitter to cause both hilarity and many questions.

A video of an Arsenal fan embarrassing himself and singing his own little song to try and persuade Alexis Sanchez to stay at the club went viral earlier today, and it looks like the song has reached the attention of the man himself.

One Arsenal fan on Twitter quoted the video with the caption 'Alexis Sanchez is staying at Arsenal', joining in with the rest of social media in mocking the jingle.

To the surprise of everyone, Alexis Sanchez himself liked the tweet about staying at Arsenal and has thrown everything into question once again.


Is he staying? Is he going? Is he on the windup? Will he go full Joleon Lescott and claim his phone magically liked the tweet by itself?

Who knows. What we do know is that Sanchez is closer than ever to leaving Arsenal, with reports this afternoon suggesting Arsenal may well accept a £60m for the Chilean from Manchester City as long as they can sign a replacement in time.


However, perhaps this Arsenal fan and is questionable singing has come to the rescue. If he has indeed persuaded Alexis Sanchez to stay at Arsenal this season, it will surely only be a matter of time until this nameless hero has a statue outside the Emirates.