By 90Min
September 15, 2017

French side Montpellier have agreed to send a batch of misspelled football jerseys to Montpelier, Vermont in the United States, according to The Guardian.

The Ligue 1 club were made to apologise to fans after selling the kit with an embarrassing typo, but have found noble use for the rest of their flawed merchandise.

Montpelier city manager Bill Fraser had told the press that the French football team had ordered shirts that came in misspelled, with just one 'L' instead of two. And on Thursday, he confirmed that his city will soon be in receipt of said jerseys, due to the fact that their name only has one 'L'.

The team also announced as much via Twitter after receiving approval of Montpellier mayor Philippe Saurel.

Fraser said that the shirts will be sent to the Montpelier High School soccer team for a 'game or two' before hitting the market. 

However, he has no idea how many jerseys they will actually be getting.

“Our office has been in contact with the mayor’s office in Montpellier,” Montpelier Mayor John Hollar also said Thursday. 

“They do intend to ship us the jerseys with the misspelled names, and we are enthusiastic about receiving them.”

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