Neymar Stops Following Edinson Cavani on Instagram Amid Paris Saint-Germain Feud

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The feud between Neymar and Edinson Cavani has now moved online, after the former stopped following his teammate on Instagram.

It could be that the Paris Saint-Germain's world-record signing has simply grown tired of Cavani's social media updates, although the two were visibly frustrated at each other in Sunday's 2-0 victory over Lyon.

There were two separate incidents of disagreement between the two, first a free-kick in a dangerous position which Cavani attempted to take. But he was denied by Dani Alves, who handed the ball to Neymar instead.

Then came the penalty, won by Neymar, who was inevitably keen to take it. But it was his turn to be rejected.

Cavani missed the penalty, and reportedly stormed out of the stadium after the game. Unsurprisingly, coach Unai Emery has called on the two players to sort out their petty squabbles.

"The penalties are to be struck by a few players, one is Cavani and the other is Neymar," Emery said, quoted by FourFourTwo.

"It takes a gentleman's agreement on the ground to hit the penalties. Afterwards, we will arrange internally for the penalties that are coming in, because I think both are able to score them, and I want the two to alternate in this exercise. 


"If there is no agreement, I will decide. I do not want it to be a problem for us."

On the victory over Lyon, he added: "We respect the championship, and last season we suffered both matches against Lyon. Today [Sunday] I wanted to win with less difficulty, but I recognise the reality, we must learn to suffer and win with difficulty.

"Of the 90 minutes, the team deserved to win. Lyon had opportunities, but over 90 minutes we did more than them."