By 90Min
September 19, 2017

Nice striker Mario Balotelli took to Instagram to have his say on the supposed 'feud' between Neymar and Edinson Cavani at Paris Saint-Germain, but it is unclear what he means or who he might have been siding with.

The South American pair argued over who was going to take a penalty against Lyon at the weekend, with Dani Alves stealing the ball to give to the £198m world record signing from Barcelona.

The spot-kick eventually went the way of Cavani, who was the club's penalty-taker last season, but the Uruguayan missed.

Fortunately for the Parisians it didn't matter too much as the team went on to win the game courtesy of two own goals, but reports are suggesting all is not well between the club's top two stars.

Former Manchester City striker Balotelli was watching like the rest of us on Sunday, and decided to upload a screenshot of L'Equipe's front page featuring the pair to his Story, with the caption:

'@neymarjr You shouldn't even ask for shot them!'.

The enigmatic star's English has never been perfect, and on this occasion it really had people stumped as to what he meant exactly.

Some were of the opinion that he was siding with Neymar, that he had the 'right' to take the penalty, whilst others thought he was blasting the Brazilian for trying to take it away from Cavani.

If one was to think 'What would Balotelli have done?' then it could be assumed that he meant Neymar should definitely, DEFINITELY have shown Cavani who was boss, shoved him away and taken it himself.

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