Liverpool's Ryan Kent Lifts Lid on the Language Barriers & Culture Shock Following Move to Freiburg

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Liverpool youngster Ryan Kent has offered an insight into how he has pushed through the language barriers and culture shock which awaited him in Germany after he signed for Bundesliga outfit SC Freiburg on a season-long loan deal.

Kent made his Bundesliga debut from the bench against Bayer Leverkusen earlier this month, and the 20-year-old has revealed how learning the language has become a top priority for him as he settles into a new, and different culture.  

With language the obvious barrier to Kent's ability to settle in and transition into his new side, the 20-year-old has revealed he has committed a lot of time to learning German, but admits he is still quite rusty.

He told the club's website: "Still a bit limited. But I'm making an effort, I have two hours of lessons a week, because the challenge of getting to know a new language and culture really appeals to me.

"With regards to the language barrier, Caleb Stanko in particular is helping me. During team discussions he'll sit or stand next to me, and also in training he'll make sure that I've understood everything.


"My teammates and the coaching staff have made it very easy for me to come here.

With regards to the differences he has noticed between the two countries, both on and off the pitch, Kent offered some rather interesting insights as he added: "Freiburg and Liverpool aren't really that dissimilar I've found. 

"Perhaps that's because at Liverpool there is a German head coach with Jurgen Klopp.

"One thing is very different. Here we have to wear shinpads during training. In England nobody does that, you just wear socks. That was a small culture shock to begin with. 

"But after I'd had the first training session, I understood why we do it. The intensity in Freiburg is very high. In training here everyone gives 100%.

"My impression is that the environment in Freiburg is very relaxed," he continued. 

"Sometimes in our free time when several of us are together we can go out for something to eat or a coffee. I like this way of life. And the weather! It's well-known we're not quite so lucky in England [laughs]!"