Kansas City 10-Year-Old Sensation Cupini on Roma's Radar but Not in Academy Yet

Alessandro Cupini's family is hoping to secure an Italian passport for the 10-year-old so he can legally join AS Roma's academy.
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Last week The Guardian did a story on Alessandro Cupini, a 10-year-old sensation from the Kansas City area with over 40,000 Instagram followers who was said to be moving to Italy and signing with the academy of AS Roma after attending a camp there last summer. But there’s a catch. A source at Roma said the club has actually not invited Alessandro to join its academy.

The problem is that while Alessandro is trying to secure an Italian passport due to his family’s heritage, he does not have one yet. And Roma has no desire to run afoul of FIFA, which has cracked down on enforcing its rule that prevents kids under 18 from transferring between countries.

Alessandro’s father, Eddie, says the family is still planning to move to Italy next summer, but he knows they have to get Alessandro’s passport situation in order to join a pro team’s academy there.