By 90Min
November 12, 2017

Liverpool playmaker Adam Lallana has disclosed manager Jurgen Klopp's rather surprising reaction to their notorious last minute defeat to the Cherries back in December last year. 

After going down 4-3 in the final seconds of the game on December the 4th, having previously led the game 3-1 with 15 minutes left to play, the reds were then due to have their club Christmas party in Barcelona. 

While some managers may have cancelled the event, or at least leant on the somber tone of the previous defeat, Lallana has declared that Klopp was keen to maintain his festive spirit.

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As quoted in the Daily Mail, via Raphael Honigstein's new book 'Klopp: Bring the Noise', the England midfielder revealed: "When we landed in Barcelona, music came on in the plane and he got on the microphone. He was like: 'Listen, lads. If we can party when we win, we can party when we f****** lose'.

“So everyone got off the plane thinking: ‘You are right, it is the time to party. Let’s party. Let’s have a drink.’ Which just shows: there is more to life than football. Yeah, we did our best; we lost.”

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Lallana also offered similarly fascinating insight into what he feels has been holding back the Merseyside club from sustaining a legitimate title challenge: "It's a mentality thing. When your mentality is right, your tactical play is going to be better. 

"The manager knows that, and it's not something that you can change overnight. But he is emphasising that we need to get that right. As soon as we get it right for those games, I feel we can go on and achieve something really special."

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