By 90Min
January 05, 2018

Jose Mourinho has dismissed the notion of him living as a real life Alan Partridge, having a solitary and miserable life in a charmless hotel.

Alan Partridge, the hilarious local TV and radio anchorman portrayed and created by Steve Coogan, was famously isolated in the Linton Travel Tavern and was so bored he once dismantled his Corby trouser press for something to do.

Mourinho - who has lived in a penthouse suite at Salford's Lowry Hotel since he arrived at Manchester United - has been likened to the TV persona, having been estranged from his family and seemingly unhappy with his current situation.

The ex-Chelsea manager's recent brooding demeanour has led to suggestions he is unhappy, but the 54-year-old maintains that he is content with life at the moment, claiming the five-star hotel suits his "lazy lifestyle" while arguing that the lack of a permanent home is not indicative of a lack of commitment to his current club.

Speaking to The Mirror Mourinho said: "If the fans want me to be comfortable, that’s the way I feel comfortable"

"I’m very lazy, I like to arrive in the hotel and I don’t want anyone to worry, because I’m not living in a two square-metre room.

"I’m in an apartment where I have all the comfort and support, like living in a house. If they’re worried about me being comfortable and happy and supported, I really am."

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