By 90Min
January 16, 2018

Well you don't absolutely smash the world transfer record for a player who isn't going to nutmeg whomever dares stand in front of him during every training session. It's simply part and parcel.

Brazilian sensation Neymar has proven his worth in every possible way since moving to Paris Saint-Germain over the summer. And if there were any doubts regarding the nutmegs - well, he's made sure we all know the truth.


The player missed PSG's win over Nantes on the weekend as he was recovering from a rib injury. And having returned to training this week, he appeared to be his old self, dazzling his teammates in a training session ahead of a match against Dijon FCO.

Of course, some fancy dribbling and a couple of nutmegs were had during said session, and after embarrassing his mates on the training pitch, Neymar made sure to expose them via Twitter.

Check his videos out below:

As the old saying goes: "If it's nice, do it twice."

Neymar has already registered 20 goals and 12 assists since leaving Barcelona last year. As for nutmegs, everyone's lost count.

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