Four West Brom Players Allegedly Stole Taxi in Spain

West Brom sits in last place in the Premier League, and some of its players are under hot water for an entirely different reason.
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Four senior West Bromwich Albion players are said to have been questioned by police regarding the theft of a taxi during their warm-weather training break in Spain earlier this week, according to reports.

The quartet of Baggies, who have not been named by the club, allegedly took a ride to the Barcelona Olympic Port during a night out, only to find everything closed.

However, according to The Sun, on their return, they asked the driver to stop off at McDonald’s, and left the fast food restaurant with the vehicle, but without its owner.

“It appears the players had headed to the Barcelona Olympic Port but found everything closed so late on which is normal for midweek," a police source told the newspaper.

“They decided to take a taxi to a McDonald’s drive-through nearby and somehow and for some reason, left there in the cab but without the cab driver.

“The receptionist at the hotel they were staying at phoned police when she saw the taxi had been left unattended outside.

“Around the same time Mossos received a call from the stranded taxi driver. The four players who had got back to their hotel in the cab were taken to a local police station.

“They weren’t formally arrested but they were identified as part of a police investigation into them. The taxi was taken about 5.30am on Thursday and returned to its rightful owner around 8am.”

West Brom had released a statement confirming that "four senior players" were involved in an "incident” but have yet to comment further.

"The Club can confirm that four senior players were involved in an incident during this week's mid-winter training trip to Spain," the Baggies' official website read.

"The Club has instigated its own investigation into the incident and the players will be subject to the full rigours of our internal disciplinary procedures.

"Until such time as that investigation has been completed, the Club will not be making any further comment."