By 90Min
April 02, 2018

Liverpool midfielder James Milner has very much lived up to his 'boring' reputation with an incredible tweet that somewhat parodies the parody account that has been mocking the former England international since 2013.

The versatile midfielder has only been on Twitter for about a week, but he's already making waves amongst fans with his activity. On the day he joined, Milner posted a photo of himself ironing - something his parody account claims is an overly frequent occurrence in his household. But now he's taken it a step further... 

Milner, according to his Twitter account, spent the day trying to find the "perfect sized mini egg" (which appears to be exactly 10mm long). 

It's apparent that 'boring' James Milner isn't all that we expected. The former Manchester City man has spent the last week cracking jokes on his new social media profile, perhaps in a bid to rid his name of this 'boring' nature.

"The real one is more boring than the actual parody," responded one fan, while another admitted "I never thought, at the age of 30, I'd suddenly become a huge fan of James Milner."

The real Milner could well be putting the parody account out of business with his latest move. @BoringMilner only received a measly 6,000 likes on his most recent tweet. Compared to the real Milner's egg tweet (which received 53,000), it seems that the real Milner himself is coming for the crown.

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