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February 21, 2019

adidas have unveiled their latest shoe in the innovative GLITCH boot series, entitled EXHIBITSKIN, with a sleek white and off-grey colourway and yellow signature stripes.

The "clean and understated" design has been devised to come to life when hit with floodlights or the flash of a camera, revealing a base layer of block graphic colour around the front section of the shoe.

Image by Wilfred Laurence

As revealed in an official press release, adidas explained: "GLITCH is designed to suit the modern game by providing players with unparalleled adaptability. It is constructed with two parts, an inner shoe and outer skin.

"The outer skin can be removed and replaced so players can change their look based on their preference, while maintaining an inner shoe that has a comfortable and supportive fit that suits them.

"The product represents the ultimate combination of personalisation and performance. Alongside the adaptability of the outer skin, GLITCH features the leading adidas Football technologies, including a laceless upper."

Image by Wilfred Laurence

Speaking at the launch of last month's Exhibit Pack, which included an updated version of Predator +19 with said laceless upper, Manchester United star Paul Pogba admitted: “Whenever I’m on the pitch I want to be in control of the flow of the game, from the first minute to the last. 

"The Predator has always been for the players who want to maximize control, and this new edition helps me have that control over the ball, the midfield and the pitch.”

Image by Wilfred Laurence

The GLITCH and EXHIBITSKIN are sold solely via the GLITCH app, which is available for download via the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). 

The starter pack, consisting of one inner shoe and two outer skins of choice is retailed at £249.95, while inner shoes are individually sold at £99.95, and outer skins at £99.95.

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