By 90Min
March 05, 2019

FIFA have confirmed that Chelsea have formally lodged an appeal against the two-window transfer ban imposed on the club last month after being deemed guilty of 29 breaches of the regulations relating to transfers of players under the age of 18.

Chelsea quickly responded to the sanction at the time and had already released a statement declaring that they 'categorically refutes the findings of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee and will therefore be appealing the decision.'

Tom Shaw/GettyImages

As expected, they have now submitted that appeal.

FIFA have confirmed that there is no set time frame for the appeal to be resolved, while it also remains to be seen whether the ban will be frozen until the process is complete.

"Any decision on the sanction remaining in place during the appeal process is to be taken by the chairman of the FIFA Appeal Committee," a statement from the world governing body read.

As things stand, the ban will stop Chelsea from signing players until the summer of 2020.

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