Social Wall: Scenes from Week 3's afternoon slate

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Earlier today we brought you the best College GameDay signs, marching bands and pre-game tailgates from the noon games. Now let's look forward to the afternoon match ups, shall we?


Hot Diggity Dog(g)

We'll Have What They're Having

Nebraska vs. Miami: The Sneaker-Off

Everybody Wants To Be Odell... But Can't Hang

SEC Raises Awareness

Ohio State Fans Are Getting Greedy

No Mistaking This Formation

He's CLEARLY Been Practicing

Classy Move By Michigan State

College Bands REALLY Like To Prove They Can Spell

Sports Are Hard

Celebrity Spotting of the Day Goes To...

Did the Blackhawks have the 'Luck of the Irish' on their side?

Runner Up...

LSU Is Just Like Us, Loves Fetty Wap

When Will They Learn?!?

This second half between Notre Dame and Georgia Tech is going to be AWESOME

A body paint idea for our swimsuit edition

Brothers Unite!

Jump Around, Badgers!

This dog wasn't so calm about five minutes later...