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Over/Under: AllSunDevils Predicts ASU 2021 Win Total

Set at nine wins, will the Sun Devils be able to eclipse their projected win total in 2021?

Sports gambling is nearly at full legalization in the state of Arizona, with sportsbooks projected to be in effect by early September. This bodes well for Arizona State Sun Devil fans looking to place some dough on their team for the upcoming season. 

As with most sports, there's a variety of different bets you're able to place on college football. Odds such as player awards, College Football Playoff odds and even betting lines for winning a conference championship are applied to each team. 

Include win totals in that group, where a potential bettor may wager the over or under of wins established by the sportsbook. 

In example, sportsbooks currently have the University of Arizona's win total for 2021 set at 2.5 wins. If you're confident in the Wildcats getting to three wins for the upcoming year, you should bet the over. Should you believe Arizona will only win two or less games, the under will be your friend. 

As for Arizona State, sportsbooks are expecting just a bit more out of the Sun Devils. The team's current win total for the year sits at 9, with both the over and under sitting at -113 odds (place $113 to win $100). 

Note that the win total is only valid for the regular season, as bowl games do not count towards the final amount of wins. If ASU were to reach exactly nine wins, the bet would be considered a "push", and wagered money would be returned from the sportsbook.

So, are the Sun Devils up to the task? Arizona State hasn't hit nine wins since 2014, yet many believe 2021 to be the year that changes. Here at AllSunDevils, we took our best stab at predicting whether or not ASU would eclipse the magical win total of nine:

Millard Thomas (@CreatorThomas24)

Arizona State football will hit nine wins this season for their best finish since 2014.

If we remove the unprecedented 2020 season, the program has steadily improved every season under coach Herm Edwards. The team won seven games in 2018 and eight games in 2019, so why not nine games in 2021? This team is deep at a lot of different positions like the secondary, running back and wide receiver groups. 

If Jayden Daniels could take that step forward in his third season that all ASU fans want, this team can easily get to at least nine wins. Also don’t forget the controversy surrounding this program should be great motivating material for Edwards’ coaching staff.

Donnie Druin (@DonnieDruin)

If there was ever a year for Arizona State to meet expectations (and possibly surpass them), 2021 is the season for it to happen. The Sun Devils have everything you could like in a strong team: A great head coach in Herm Edwards, an upcoming star in quarterback Jayden Daniels, a strong rushing attack to balance the offense, and a defense that should compete with anybody's in the conference. 

With 12 games on deck, the Sun Devils would have to lose only two games for your bet to cash, with a third game pushing your money back to you. I believe the games for the upcoming season can be categorized below in the following:

Very winnable games- Southern Utah, UNLV, Colorado, Stanford, Washington State, Oregon State, Arizona

Toss-up games- BYU, UCLA, Utah, USC, Washington

With seven expected games to enter the win column, Arizona State approaches five potential toss-up games needing only three victories. 

Going on the road to BYU and UCLA aren't easy tasks, yet I do believe ASU can emerge victorious from both of those games. With USC and Washington again looking strong, for the sake of arguments we'll assume ASU drop both in a worst-case scenario, bringing our win total to nine thus far.

That leaves Utah, another strong Pac-12 team who has a similar win total set at 8.5 for 2021. Arizona State will have to travel to Salt Lake City for that match-up, yet the team will be coming off of a bye week before heading up north. 

Will the Sun Devils be ready for a tough road test? The game should be a battle between two solid programs, yet it's hard not to trust Edwards to have his troops ready. I believe ASU hits the over for this season, but not without a few challenges down the road. 

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