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Complete press conference: Sam Pittman Brings Other Coaches for Energy

Last week it was Dave Van Horn and Eric Musselman on the sidelines and Sam Pittman is bringing Mike Neighbors and others to Auburn game

There's a method to what Sam Pittman does bringing coaches in other sports to the Arkansas sidelines in big games.

Last week he brought baseball coach Dave Van Horn and men's basketball coach Eric Musselman down on the sidelines at AT&T Stadium.

Musselman already had plans to be there. His wife, Danyelle, already had a plan in place that involved Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' box at AT&T Stadium.

"My wife and I argued a lot where I was going to be most of the game because she had it planned out that we were going to sit in Jerry Jones' thing," Musselman said. "She kind of set that up, not me."

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Van Horn actually cancelled his team's practice to go.

"All three of us wanted to beat A&M," Pittman said Wednesday in his last media appearance before No. 8 Arkansas plays No. 2 Georgia on Saturday. "All three of us are head coaches. We all kind of think similar. I know we have our differences.

"But I felt it put me in a little bit of calm seeing those guys. I’ve been a fan, and I didn’t know Coach Muss. He wasn’t here when I was here the first time.

"But coach Van Horn, I’ve been in awe of him for a long time. I know that sounds kind of weird, but I’ve had so much respect for him for such a long time. And I just felt calm, ‘Hey, I’ve got Dave Van Horn down here, Eric Musselman down here. We’re going to get after them.’ That’s just what I felt."

Musselman had a feeling after talking to Pittman before the game it was going to work out well for the Razorbacks.

"Before the game, he was really confident," Musselman said. "From another coach leadership wise, I took notes off a 10-second conversation that he and I had because he felt like his team was in a really good spot going into the game.

"Most coaches are nervous about games. He was fearless in a 10 second conversation."

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Now he's bringing other coaches on the sidelines for the Auburn game on Oct. 16, the next home game.

"I’ve already asked Coach Neighbors to come down against Auburn and be down there, and I’m going to ask a couple others," Pittman said.

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