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KJ's Record-setting Day: Arkansas QB's Big Day Against Ole Miss Doesn't Get Win

After actually putting up bigger numbers than the quarterback leading the Heisman straw polls, KJ Jefferson didn't get the one he wanted

After a day where Arkansas quarterback KJ Jefferson put up some big numbers he wasn't too keen on talking about that.

"Nobody likes losing," he said.

The truth is we don't really know for sure exactly where his six touchdowns in one game stack up among Razorback quarterbacks. Some crack researcher will figure it out.

We do know the 676 yards of total offense is the most since a win over Mississippi State in 2016. The 39 first downs were the most in school history.

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Jefferson would probably just like to have his last pass back. The one that sailed high over Treylon Burks' head that would have been a game-winning 2-point conversion.

"Go back to work," he said. "Correct the mistakes from this game and hold each other accountable knowing what it takes to win. We don’t want this taste in our mouth anymore."

His numbers were actually larger than Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corrall, who is the current leader in the Heisman Trophy straw polls of voters (basically, anybody with a half-step above a social media account).

Nobody is talking about that now. The Rebels won the game and the Razorbacks couldn't hit the one pass they needed to win.

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Jefferson's last drive was a 75-yarder that pulled the Hogs within one as time expired. Sam Pittman was going for 2 before the drive started.

“Going down to that last [drive] I told the offense that if we score with little time left on the clock we’re going to try to win the game,” Pittman repeated. “While I wish the outcome was different, I’d do it again.”

Questioning that decision is a waste of time and second-guessing, a bigger waste of time. Pittman made the call and it was based on some pretty good logic.

He probably had an idea before the drive what Jefferson was going to do with the offense, which was let his playmakers outside — Burks and Warren Thompson — make one key catch after another.

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"They came out in a different package than we expected," said Jefferson. "They played coverage to the play we was thinking they were going to play man to. They just played great coverage on the back end. I tried to get one my guys a play. Just throw it and let them make a play."

Jefferson did all that on a day when nobody was really playing much defense.

But it didn't get the win and he doesn't appear too concerned about those big numbers.

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