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What's Keeping Coaches From Making Quick Decisions to Change Jobs?

Fans want instant success these days and early signing period is causing big-name coaches from jumping ship early.

Everybody in Louisiana and Florida may be waiting on a decision to be made in Texas ... one way or the other.

Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher has tried to deflect all of the talk that continues to link him to the opening at LSU after they had an amicable divorce with Ed Orgeron.

Fisher made it clear he "would be crazy" to leave the Aggies with the recruiting class he has committed right now.

Jimbo Fisher

Jimbo Fisher keeps saying he's not leaving A&M but LSU keeps waiting.

Of course that's the reason none of these openings at the premiere places will likely be filled with big-name hires. The early signing period has resolved all that.

Fisher's class is currently ranked third behind Alabama in the 247Sports composite rankings. LSU is 12th and that's probably as much due to Orgeron doing some selling to the players he had committed.

Things are worse in Gainesville where Dan Mullen wasn't doing a whole lot of recruiting before he was canned Saturday and they are mired in 30th in those rankings right now.

Before a coach even starts talking about money he wants a look at the recruiting class of committed players and the current roster.

Regardless how long a contract is written for, it appears the grace period is less than two seasons these days.

You can get fired quick these days ... if you don't win games.

Fisher is probably not going anywhere, no matter how badly LSU athletics director Scott Woodward wants him in Baton Rouge. It's probably a two-year project and the first year is going to be rough.

The Tigers' faithful don't usually wait that long.

Lane Kiffin-Matt Corral-Auburn

Lane Kiffin may be in play at several openings around SEC and even Miami.

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All of the buzz out there has Ole Miss' Lane Kiffin being a person of interest for the LSU, Florida and Miami openings.

Don't discount that last school.

Some sources reportedly say Kiffin is more about winning a championship than the money. He has a better chance of building a team that can get into the College Football Playoff with the Hurricanes than at Ole Miss.

Let's face it, he wouldn't have to run the gauntlet in the ACC that he has to face every year in the SEC West.

But the buzz about Fisher won't go away.

To be honest, it's hard to see exactly what he can do beyond what he's done to convince folks he's staying at A&M.

He might be crazy to leave the Aggies but to go to LSU would be borderline insanity. There are that many problems in Baton Rouge.

The early signing date, though, is what's causing a lack of buzz right now. Nobody wants to go in and try to build a respectable signing class in a couple of weeks that other coaches have spent years putting together.

It's why you don't usually see a lot of success in the first year for coaches, even at programs like Texas where Steve Sarkisian is having to deal with unrealistic expectations in his first season.

Fans don't want instant success.

Which is why most coaches aren't making quick decisions these days about changing jobs.

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