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Sports Illustrated predicts Auburn's opponents in new SEC scheduling

A look at what Auburn football's schedule could be in the future.

There's a ton of speculation around the SEC scheduling with Texas and Oklahoma entering the conference. 

With the current slate of eight SEC games in a season, there have been many discussions about teams playing other members of the conference more often. This goal is to make the idea of two divisions - east and west - possibly fade away. 

The leading theory is for each SEC team to have three protected rivals with a rotation of fresh opponents changing each year. 

Ross Dellenger of SI predicted each team's protected opponents in this potential pod-like system. He took a stab and said Auburn's are Alabama, Georgia, and Vanderbilt. 

Here's the full slate of his predictions. 

  • Missouri: Oklahoma; Arkansas; South Carolina
  • Arkansas: Missouri; Texas; Kentucky
  • Texas A&M: LSU; Texas; Mississippi State
  • Texas: Oklahoma; Texas A&M; Arkansas
  • Oklahoma: Texas; Missouri; Florida
  • LSU: Ole Miss; Texas A&M; Alabama
  • Ole Miss: Mississippi State; LSU; Vanderbilt
  • Mississippi State: Ole Miss; Kentucky; Texas A&M
  • Alabama: Auburn; Tennessee; LSU
  • Auburn: Alabama; Georgia; Vanderbilt
  • Vanderbilt: Tennessee; Ole Miss; Auburn
  • Tennessee: Vanderbilt; Alabama; South Carolina
  • Kentucky: Mississippi State; Arkansas; Georgia
  • Georgia: Auburn; Florida; Kentucky
  • Florida: Georgia; South Carolina; Oklahoma
  • South Carolina: Florida; Missouri; Tennessee

Auburn's group of three is probably the toughest draw of all of the SEC teams even with Vanderbilt being on the list. 

Auburn would lose playing LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Arkansas, and Texas A&M even year during this model. They would keep the Iron Bowl vs Alabama and the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry against Georgia. Auburn would gain Vanderbilt as an annual opponent and though there's little emotional response to that, Auburn would welcome the lesser opponent on the schedule. 

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