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Podcast: Why Payton Thorne at QB1 is best for Auburn football

Here's the latest edition of Locked On Auburn.

Tune in to this riveting episode of Locked On Auburn as your host, Zac Blackerby, teams up with Montgomery's Radio Sensation, Darrell Dapprich, to dissect the latest in Auburn football news. It's a jam-packed session of intense analysis, insider information, and exciting speculations that every Tigers fan won't want to miss.

First on the agenda is the headline that's been making waves in the Auburn community – Hugh Freeze's bold move in naming Payton Thorne as the starting quarterback over Robby Ashford. Zac and Darrell dive deep into the reasons behind this pivotal decision, exploring its potential impact on the team's strategy and dynamics for the upcoming season. They break down Thorne's strengths, Ashford's potential role, and what fans can expect to see on the field with this new quarterback lineup.

But that's not all – the duo takes you right onto the practice field, sharing their exclusive insights and notes from the Thursday Auburn football practice. Get ready to uncover key highlights, standout players, and emerging trends that could shape the team's performance in the weeks to come. With a finger on the pulse of Auburn football, Zac and Darrell paint a vivid picture of the team's progress and aspirations.

As the episode heats up, the discussion shifts to the electrifying world of college football recruiting. The countdown to decision day for Kamarion Franklin is on, and our hosts leave no stone unturned as they speculate on the schools that could become the next stop on Franklin's journey. With their combined expertise, Zac and Darrell analyze the contenders, weigh the factors, and offer their bold predictions on where the highly sought-after prospect might land.

So, whether you're a die-hard Tigers supporter, a football aficionado, or just someone looking for thrilling sports insights, this episode of Locked On Auburn is a must-listen. Join Zac Blackerby and Darrell Dapprich as they unravel the quarterback drama, provide an inside look at Auburn's practice grind, and indulge in some intriguing recruiting conjecture. It's a podcast episode that's guaranteed to fuel your Auburn football passion and leave you hungry for more.

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